Martin Jaguar take down recurve 60" Camo
This bow is new to the Martin lineup and is proving very popular.

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A new addition to our traditional line, the Jaguar Take-Down is built for durability, performance and convenience. Its lightweight aluminum/magnesium riser utilizes a solid limb alignment system to secure wood/glass laminate limbs. The riser will accept any type or design of arrow rest, stabilizer or bow quiver. A camo finish and Thermal grip add beauty and function to this very versatile bow.

Available in Infinity Camo.
Right hand only.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 45#, 50#, 55#
Brace Height: 7” - 7 1/2”
Mass Weight: 2 lb. 12oz.
AMO Length: 60”

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Title : accurate, able to take many accessories and Price
Review : accurate, able to take many accessories and Price a little lacking in limb quality and finish, pathetic rest supplied. poor quality string Martin Jaguar TD Recurve 40 lb Online Shopper

it says only available in camo. Are you getting any of the black model in (40#) at all or no plans for this?

Martin only had camo. Im not sure when Black will be back.

Hello, What is the difference between this bow and the martin jaguar elite?

The Elite has a different riser - same limbs. The Elite riser the limb holes are built into the riser with the older Jaguar it is the compound riser so it has a different limb bolt system. The riser looks different too.

Im looking to buy the Martin Jaguar and am wondering how the long the warranty is?

1 year - most recurves are 1 year

Do you still have stock for this bow? What is the order status: NewOrder means?


Do have AMO Length shorter than 60" for this particular bow?


Do you have a Draw Weight of 30# for this particular bow?


Can you buy other limbs for this bow? Other then the original ones that Martin sells?

We only sell Martin limbs for the bow

I know that when you purchase the main jaguar package you get everything you need for starting, but getting this bow by itself does it come with a stringer as well or do you have to purchase that by itself?

Yes I think it comes with a stringer and arrow rest

I am looking to purchase a recurve bow, been looking at a Martin Jaguar, not sure what poundage I should get as I have only been doing archery for a short time, I have been using a 20Lb, Iam 5'8" and I'm 70 years of age, what do you recommend is a Martin Jaguar 30 Lb, a good choice

Yes 30#. The Jag is a nice recreational bow.

Hi what sight would you recommend for the jaguar it will be used for hunting & target.

They are all much the same - I would just start with a cheap hunting sight.

gday im 16 and i am 6 foot 4 and because i am interested in hunting wondering would a 50 pound bow be good as one of my first real bows

6" 4" you will be drawing 31". All recurves are measured at 28" so if you select a 30# bow you will be drawing an extra 3" so the bow will be 45#. So the higher the poundage the less arrows you shoot. For hunting I shoot 45# recurve, for target I shoot 35#. Hope that helps.

Hi There, I like your range of gear for archery as an retailer in AU. Great to see. Can you get in the Martin Jag in 70# when i am ready to order? is this at all possible. No urgency, i understand you may be able to order it and it will take weeks to arrive. Just wondering availability at the moment. Many thanks kind regards,

The bow is only available upto 55#.

Can u shoot off the self on a martin jarguar shane thank u

The Jag is cut in riser so you need to shoot a screw in arrow rest to push the rest out. If you made a special rest up you could shoot off the shelf but you would have to make something up. Trad bows which shoot off the shelf are curved in the shelf in both directions and the arrows is centered outside the line of the string to get the arrow to shoot away from the riser.

I was considering 28" or 30" arrows to go with this bow. What length should they be?

It depends on your length. the average guy shooting a hunting recurve is 28", so if you are average you will be 28" if you a taller then you will be longer than 28". Please note with a recurve when you draw longer than 28" you increase the poundage of the bow. All recurves are measured at 28"

Hey, I am new to archery and don't understand the bow weight aspect. I am a male 180cm tall and weigh 92 kilos myself, what sort of bow weight should I be looking at

The more you shoot the more you fatigue. It is like weight lifting. A heavy weight you can only do a few times a lighter weight more. Average guy is 45# for hunting/ Field. Target shooting is 35#. Hunting is one shot so could use higher.

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