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Trophy Taker, located in Plains, Montana, designs and distributes archery products for the serious hunter. Our customers include dealers and distributors across the United States and around the globe.

Dan Evans brought his first fall-away arrow rest to the AMO Archery Trade Show in January 2000. Fall-away rests weren't exactly new to archery, but they were far from mainstream. In fact, every company that had once made fall-away rests had either gone out of business or discontinued fall-away lines.


Archery Hunters had never really embraced these rests in any significant number. And some previous models had not always worked properly, burning many retailers and leaving a bad taste. On top of that, Trophy Taker was a very small one-man company with no name and no track record.


"It was like pulling teeth, " Dan said. "People were very reluctant to believe in this style of rest. But, as time went on they became more comfortable with the reliability of the rests. They became very popular and today there are dozens of companies making fall-away rests."


Original article "High Grade" written by Bill Winke, Petersen's Bowhunting, Oct. 2005.

Trophy Taker

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Trophy Taker Best Launcher Blade .012

arrow weight over 425 grains

Trophy Taker Best Launcher Blade .008

arrow weight under 325grains

Trophy Taker Spring Steel 2 arrow rest

Fixed blade arrow rest, short mounting bar. black

Trophy Taker Xtreme SL arrow rest RH

Drop away arrow rest. Full capture.

Trophy Taker Spring Steel 2 Pro arrow rest

Micro adjustment - fully adjustable blade angle,all metal

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