Various solutions are available for archery Targets.

Common choices include the Foam target or the bag.  The archery bag offers easy arrow removal and long life shooting.

The archery Foam Target can generally be used with broadheads and can be transported.  There are three types of common Foam Targets:

  • Solid Foam block which can be shot at from all sides
  • Layered Foam - Generally longer lasting and may offer easier arrow removal, however these targets can only be shot from the front and back as the target is held together under pressure
  • Layered glued - These targets offer the best of both worlds according to the manufacturers.

We have tried all three types of targets and the layered targets appear to be easier to remove arrows.  It is hard to say which target last longer as they have all been used for several years.

Archery Target Butts

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Archery Target Bag - Empty

65Lx60Hx35Wcm Made with heavy duty material that will last...

Foam 12cm indoor replacement Center

12cm round X 27cm deep. For the Indoor target

Foam 17cm replacement Center

17cm round X 27cm deep

3D Target Hanging Sphere 23cm

3D Target Hanging Cube 9"x 9" - Self Heal Foam - High Density

Rabbit Target Foam square

43cmX43cmX20cm - Foam square target

Foam 26cm replacement Center

26cm round X 28cm deep. Layered foam for use with high...

The Block Genz Youth Target

Layerd foam target 16"X18"X7.5" Weight 6.25 lbs. For Bows...

Archery Target Bag

65Lx60Hx35Wcm Made with heavy duty material that will last...

Hurricane Crossbow Crossbolt stop

Bag target 12"X12"X12"

EVA Foam Archery Target 100X100X10cm

Self healing foam target

3D Target Hanging Cube 38cm

Spot On 3D Target Hanging Cube 38x38x38cm - Self Heal Foam...

Hurricane Storm Target Small

24"X20"X10". Compressible, packable expandable filling....

Delta Box Bag Archery Target

33cmX33cmX33cm. Hydro press construction to stop arrows...

Field Logic H-20 Hurricane Bag Target

20"X20"X10". Tri Core technology for stopping arrows and...

The Block Genz XL Youth Target

Layerd foam target 22"X20"X8" Weight 67.25 lbs. For Bows...

Black Hole 18 Target

Layered foam. 18X16X11"

Hurricane Storm Target Large

25"X25"X12". Compressible, packable expandable filling....

80cm square 3D Foam Target

Target is 80cm wide and 14cm thick.

Foam 50cm Target

Same as the targets used by target archers with a replacement...

Field Logic H-25 Hurricane Bag Target

25"X25"X12". Tri Core technology for stopping arrows and...

Black Hole 22 Target

Layered foam. 22X20X11"

Block Classic 18 Target

Layered foam. 18X18X14"

Rinehart Rhino Target bag

47cmX47cmX30cm. Dual power band technology that stops arrows...

Hurricane Crossbow H-21 target

21"X25"X15". Easy crossbow bolt removal.

Field Logic H-28 Hurricane Bag Target

28"X28"X13". Tri Core technology for stopping arrows and...

Block Classic 20 Target

Layered foam. 20X20X14"

Block Classic 22 Target

Layered foam. 22X22X14"

Block Vault XL Target

20"X20"X16". Open layered polyfusion target for easy arrow...

126cm square Foam target

Target has a replacement 26cm centre. Target is 126cm wide...

126cm square Foam Indoor target with 12 centres

Target has 12 replacement 12cm centres for 18 metre indoor...

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