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G5 CMax Drop away rest

With a full 360 degrees of containment, the CMAX has the versatility to take on any...

Prime Defy 29

IBO 330, Axle 31", Brace 7 1/4", weight 4.1

Prime Alloy 29

IBO 335 FPS, Axle 33.25", Brace 6 3/4", weight 4.2

G5 Presason Montech 3 pack

Pre-season montech is dimensionally identical to the Montec. Great for practice

G5 Montec Broadheads 3 pack

Crafted from single piece of steel offers exceptional strength

G5 T3 expandable Broadheads 100g 3 pack

Cut on Impact. Super strong. 1 5/16“ cutting

G5 T3 replacement blades

9 blades, 6 washers, 3 spider clips

T3 Spider clips

24 standard clips

G5 Havoc Broadheads 3pkt 100gr

Expandable, 2" cutting area

G5 SGH single

The S.G.H. Small Game Head is designed for small animals. Made from a single piece...

G5 Flat Diamond Sharpener

Use without oil or water. Durable, long lasting, heat treated diamond surface. ...

G5 sportsmans sharpener

six times the life of comparable sharpeners. Premium grade carbide. Sharpens all...

G5 Optix XR .019 Sight 3

pictured with optional G5 light. With 3 fixed pins and one hybrid floating pin....

G5 Optix LE .019 5 pin Sight LH

The Optix LE is constructed from lightweight magnesium alloy and features 5 pins....

Prime One STX 28.5

Dual cam and shoot through riser. New for 2015

Quest AMP compound bow camo 70# 29

IBO 340, Axle 32", Brace 7", weight 3.9. Rotating module for draw length adjustment...

Quest Radical Green 40# 17-30

IBO 295, Axle 29 1/4", Brace 7", weight 3.2

G5 Meta peep

Light, magnesium peep, one of the most popular peeps avaliable


Arrow Squaring Device

G5 Light

Screws into the G5 sight and casts a blue light over the pins

G5 SGH 3 pack

The S.G.H. Small Game Head is designed for small animals. Made from a single piece...

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